Terracotta Films / Sharp Teeth Films Q1

Tokyo Dragon Chef | Butchers | Meatball Machine

Strike Media were delighted to work with Terracotta Films / Sharp Teeth Films on their Q1 slate of titles. This includes the crazy action comedy Tokyo Dragon Chef, the brutal Canadian horror, Butchers and the Japanese splatterpunk horror Meatball Machine as it comes to the UK in a special edition Blu-ray.

Tokyo Dragon Chef

Retired Yakuzas open a ramen restaurant and become an overnight sensation, thanks to their recipe developed in prison. But a mysterious upstart gang is taking down every Yakuza family one by one, drawing the chefs back into the gangland underworld once more!

Available on DVD & Digital now!


After their car breaks down, four youths find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. Little do they know they are being watched and they soon fall captive to a family of sadistic butchers who keep their ‘fresh meat’ tied up in a wooden outhouse. With hints of WRONG TURN, the four friends have little time to escape before it’s their turn to meet the chopping block.

Available on Digital Download from 22nd Feb & DVD 8th March

Meatball Machine

A couple’s love is split by alien parasites invading the earth turning people into cyborg fighters.

Coming soon to Blu-ray!