Living With Chucky


What a bloody good time of we had with this campaign! Strike Media took a stab at looking after the Publicity for Lightbulb Film Distribution’s new documentary Living With Chucky. To support the release of this title, Strike secured a high body count of strong reviews, with many praising the film for not only it’s informative aspect, but clearly the deeply personal story that accompanied it.

A Family That Slays Together Stays Together!

Thanks to the wonderful Chucky team, we were able to secure features with the Child’s Play Franchise writer, Don Mancini plus interviews with the director, Kyra Gardner, daughter of Chucky’s leader puppeteer Tony Gardner. Strike were able to secure interview features in The Guardian, Daily Star, Empire Magazine, BBC Sport & Sunday Mail.

We also teamed up with Universal Pictures UK, whereby we were able to offer websites a fantastic Chucky Blu-ray Bundle opportunity, combining LWC and Chucky Season 2!


Living with Chucky explores the appeal and longevity of the Child’s Play franchise – and its iconic bloodthirsty doll.