Laddie The Man Behind The Movies


Strike were delighted to join up again with Central City Media to look after the fascinating and heartwarming documentary Laddie: The Man Behind The Movies – a documentary about the biggest name in Hollywood that you’ve never heard of! Strike looked to raise awareness of the film’s UK release on the 26th April.

Throughout the campaign, the film achieved over 75 pieces of unique coverage. Key pieces included positive reviews in BBC Radio 5 Live: Kermode & Mayo, BBC News Channel – The Film Review, The Guardian, Sunday Express, Sunday Mirror, Daily Star Sunday & Daily Mail. In addition, the film’s director, Amanda Ladd-Jones appeared on Times Radio, TalkRadio and FUBAR Radio.


A film about Alan Ladd Jr., producer and former 20th Century Fox chairman, directed by his daughter Amanda Ladd-Jones. The untold story of the movie mogul who green lit Star Wars. And Blade Runner. And Alien. And Police Academy.