Coronavirus Community Spirit: Strike’s Free Home Entertainment Newsletter

It seems the past few weeks have come to resemble something of a nightmare for companies in our industry, both big and small. With cinemas shutting their doors for the first time ever and theatrical release dates being pushed indefinitely, we have found ourselves in unique and unchartered territory. Our tight knit team here at Strike has been working hard on initiatives to help as much as we can and spread positive news about the endless possibilities of film from the comfort of your living room. Behold, Strike Media’s weekly Home Entertainment Release newsletter was born.

Strike has been working closely with distributors, who have responded brilliantly, providing assets to enable us to collate all of the Home Entertainment releases in a newsletter each week and bring some order to the chaos. Trailers, artwork, sales links, blurb and release dates are included in our listings, to make sure titles get maximum exposure to our wealth of Film, National and Trade journalists. Having just sent our second newsletter, it has been extremely rewarding to receive so much positive feedback from writers, who have found it a very useful prompt. We have also generated a number of organic review and interview leads for distributors from top tier publications.

If nothing else, we feel this is a time to be thankful for the power of film and its bountiful possibilities. Home Entertainment allows us to see the world through different eyes, escape to other time zones and universes and transcend the boundaries of human capability, all whilst sitting on the same sofa you have called home for the past week. And what’s more, we can share and chat about these very same cinematic experiences with our mates, even if they’re miles away- now that’s something worth staying at home for.

Stay tuned for version 6 of our Home Entertainment Weekly Newsletter! We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved.

Stay safe,

Team Strike x