A Bit About Us

One of the main misconceptions of PR is that people often consider our role as a company to involve pressing a button and sending a pre prepared news item to a list of email addresses that may not respond, or even see the news at all. In reality, the build up to pressing this button requires hours of research, design expertise and years of building lasting relationships with press and niche contacts that we trust. Well, at least it does when it comes to Strike Media.

When you use Strike, we become an important part of your team and we take great pride in the fact that we have been chosen to represent our clients. We know there are plenty of PR companies out there to choose from, plenty that offer a cheap service, plenty that offer an expensive service and there are plenty that offer the earth but deliver next to nothing. That can create suspicion surrounding the credibility of PR and whether it is worth the investment. We hope that the breakdown below of what it is that we do exactly will convince you of this. Most of our work comes from referrals from current clients bestowing our virtues, which motivates us to put everything into spreading the word about our campaigns and brands. We are open, honest, resourceful, always have our ears and eyes open to quirky collaborative opportunities for our clients.

What do you get from Strike Media:

Live reporting – access to a Google Document which we update regularly so you can dip in and out as you wish.

Detail – the report includes all live coverage with dates of when it went live, readership statistics and relevant detail about feedback we have received from press. Statistics about placement opportunities as well as where and when they are available will be listed in detail in a ‘leads’ section.

Weekly report – update on a Friday about the current state of the campaign and action taken during the week, including a comprehensive list of what we are asking of the client in response to journalist requests.

Opportunities – we keep an eye out for media opportunities that are of benefit to you. We will share these as and when they appear and never put forward suggestions that we do not consider to be valuable ourselves.

Negotiation – we know the value of contra deals. We work behind the scenes to get the best results by pooling both our and the the client’s resources.

Database – our database of media contacts is updated on an almost daily basis. On the increasingly rare occasion that the client has a new niche subject that we haven’t yet ran a campaign on, we have access to the biggest journalist database in the country at the click of the mouse.

Targeting – we take offence when PR companies send out blanket emails. At Strike Media, we spend huge amounts of time putting together target lists of journalists that will be key to campaigns. This way, we make sure that our information lands in the right hands; someone who is interested in the product on offer.

Press releases – we create press releases designed to evoke a response from media. We want to inspire people to take action after reading our work, and do this by including sections about why our product appeals to them specifically and play on our ability to present information in a captivating yet digestible design. All of our releases are tailor made, giving campaigns their own visual identity. Nothing is ever standardised, which makes an email from Strike stand out amongst the thousands of others press receive a day.

Response rates – on our system we, can see who has and hasn’t opened our emails. We also know from the accumulated data over the years what time of day is best to approach each sector of the media.

Sales – we recognise that we are in a sales driven industry. Because of this, we make sure all of our press releases and coverage funnels back to the client website or store to drive traffic in the right direction.

Follow up – our job doesn’t stop after the first outreach. One of the most time consuming elements of our job is pitching, chasing people and calling them to make sure they are thinking about and considering featuring our clients.

Networking – with 17 years entertainment PR and marketing experience comes 17 years of cultivating a network of contacts and relationships that we can reach out to to help maximise the reach of your campaign.

Knowledge – with over 20,000 hours of working within the same sector, we are masters of the art of making connections and considering angles that will resonate with key media.

Learning – we are constantly looking for ways to better ourselves as a company, taking on advice from clients and industry experts. Every day we are growing and gaining experience. We analyse past campaigns to deduce what has been successful and unsuccessful on similar projects. This is an important part of the process of executing an informed and targeted campaign.

Engagement – we are always on the end of the line should you have questions or concerns.

As you can see, we aren’t just a mud flinging company who see’s where things stick. There is a methodology, a duty of care, a hunger to make sure you receive comprehensive coverage and feedback about your PR campaign.