Instant Family

Inspired by real events from the life of writer & director Sean Anders (Daddy’s Home, Daddy’s Home 2). Instant Family tells the story of Ellie and Pete who decide to start a family and adopt through the foster-care system, only to find themselves raising three wild kids who have no interest in being parented.

Ellie and Pete are a successful couple who renovate and sell homes for a living. When they discuss starting a family, they cringe at the idea of being “those old parents” by the time their child graduated university and joke wouldn’t it just be easier to adopt a 5-year-old and pretend that they started the process 5 years earlier. When they start to look into adoption though, they realise that they can do a lot of good by adopting and decide to go for it by fostering and then adopting a young boy or girl. Unexpectedly the child they connect best with is a teenager. More than that – she has two younger siblings!! Despite some reservations, Ellie and Pete foster all three kids. As they welcome the tight-knit siblings into their lives, Ellie and Pete find out through laughter and through tears what being a family is all about.

Strike looked after the promotions for Instant Family, placing a child friendly merchandise package in Primary Times, Delia Online, MyFilmClub and Mumsnet.