Pop Up Screens Announces It’s Cinema In The Snow Programme For Winter 2017

Pop Up Screens Announces It’s Cinema In The Snow Programme For Winter 2017

Trade in your sofas and Terry’s Chocolate oranges this Christmas for popcorn, snow and a festive screening in the iconic Pop Up Screens’ Christmas grotto

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The Legendary Pop Up Screens that saw Londoners enjoying blockbusters throughout summer is back to see us through the Christmas period from the 8th– 24th December. Hackney Showroom in East London will be unrecognisible after it undergoes the Pop Up Screen Christmas treatment.  Doors are done away with, instead the audience will enter through a magical wardrobe and arrive in a winter wonderland lined with fir trees, dusted with snow and mulled wine on tap.


This year’s repertoire aims to bring the wonder of Christmas to people of all ages in an unforgettably festive surrounding. Classics include the likes of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Home Alone, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street, and of course Elf.  These will be interspersed with the more recent Oscar approved La La Land, Disney’s hugely popular Frozen and the comically acclaimed Bad Santa.


In this snow filled winter wonderland, audiences will of course find popcorn from Drum and Kernel, as well as handmade brownies, craft beer, pimped hot chocolate and lovely festive mulled wine (It’d be rude not to). Pop Up Screens founder David Leydon said: “Christmas is our chance to do something special and to build an experience for our audience.  When you were 5, you wanted to climb into your wardrobe and find something amazing at the back of it – now you finally can!”


Children’s ticket prices start from £5 and adults from £10


Tickets can be booked from WWW.POPUPSCREENS.CO.UK 

About Pop Up Screens:

Pop Up Screens provides a pop-up cinema experience to moviegoers. We try to bring brilliant movies to cool locations. Over the summer we’re outdoors and then in the winter we try our hand at some more immersive cinema experiences.


Pop Up Screens have been running for five years now and very nearly know what they’re doing, but we’re always open to good ideas.

Pop-Up Screens Complete Winter 2016 Programme, Hackney Showroom


*please note start time is the film start time, doors open one hour before each performance


Date Film Start Time Link
Fri 8 December Elf 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/260
Sat 9 December Frozen 13:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/261
Elf 17:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/262
Love Actually 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/263
Sun 10 December Toy Story 13:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/264
Home Alone 17:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/265
Elf 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/266
Mon 11 December La La Land 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/267
Tue 12 December Elf 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/268
Wed 13 December The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe 16:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/269
Bad Santa 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/270
Thu 14 December Harry Potter 1 16:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/271
Home Alone 2 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/272
Fri 15 December The Grinch 16:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/273
Home Alone 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/274
Sat 16 December White Christmas 13:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/275
Muppets Christmas Carol 17:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/276
Love Actually 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/277
Sun 17 December Elf 13:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/278
Miracle on 34th Street (1947) 17:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/279
Sleepless in Seattle 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/280
Mon 18 December Home Alone 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/281
Tue 19 December Nightmare Before Christmas 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/282
Wed 20 December Arthur Christmas 16:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/283
Elf 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/284
Thu 21 December The Santa Clause 16:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/285
Love Actually 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/286
Fri 22 December Muppets Christmas Carol 16:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/287
It’s a Wonderful Life 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/288
Sat 23 December Miracle on 34th Street 13:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/289
Elf 17:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/290
Love Actually 20:30 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/291
Sun 24 December Home Alone 14:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/292
Elf 19:00 https://www.popupscreens.co.uk/tickets/events/view/293


 Press night 7th, Muppets Christmas Carol, doors open 6pm movie starts 7pm

For more information or to request press tickets for screenings please contact Molly Goring

at Strike Media, molly@strike-media.com / 020 7060 9161